Két ok, amiért most hamarabb juthat 500 USD Loyalty Ciklus bónuszhoz_EN

Two reasons why you can get now USD 500 Loyalty Cycle bonus sooner

Good news for those interested in Loyalty Cycle bonus: at the moment, more than 300 bonus positions are waiting for their placement. This means a one-time chance for the distributors who would like to earn USD 500 Loyalty Cycle bonus as soon and as easily as possible.

Now you can receive USD 500 Small cycle payment more easily and sooner

Waiting bonus positions help Small cycles be completed for two reasons:

  1. Earlier, it could happen that Small cycles with one or two empty positions were not completed immediately because there was no waiting bonus position at that time. Now, it is exactly the other way around: the bonus positions are waiting to get into your or other distributors' Small cycle.

  2. The logical consequence of the previous point: at the moment, as soon as six of the eight empty positions are filled in a Small Cycle, the cycle is completed instantly and USD 500 Loyalty Small cycle bonus is paid.

How long does this opportunity last?

Naturally, this great situation does not last forever since, at the moment, every Small cycle completion reduces the number of waiting bonus positions by two. Bonus positions waiting in their present number will be used up sooner or later, thus, the instant completion of Small cycles with either one or two empty positions will not be possible.

At the same time, it is generally true (thus, it is not only the present situation that it applies to) that through every Small cycle completion, a new bonus position is created, and it is placed after the 20-day quarantine period. This means that if a bonus position is placed into the cycle with one empty position, by completing the cycle also a new bonus position is created, thus, the number of bonus positions does not change. Moreover, if a cycle is completed without using any bonus positions, the number of bonus positions even increases by one.

HINT: keep watching how many bonus positions are waiting! If you see at least two waiting bonus positions, and you fill six positions in your Small cycle, those two bonus positions are going to get into your cycle immediately, filling the remaining two empty positions.

To top it all, the completion of Big cycles also becomes easier

For Big cycle payment, that is, for the USD 5000 bonus, 8 Small cycles need to be completed. A Small cycle can be regarded as completed after 8 positions are filled, accordingly, filling 8*8 Small cycle positions is necessary for the completion of the Big cycle.

However, if you see at least 16 bonus positions waiting for placement, then, you do not have to be busy filling 8*8=64 positions, you have to take care about filling only 8*6, that is 48 positions, so that we can pay the bonus of 8*USD 500 and 1*USD 5000. Thus, you can reach the same income with 25% less work.

What do you have to do?

The goal is simple: reach six filled positions in one Small cycle as soon as possible. As it happens and as long as there are at least two waiting bonus positions, the system automatically places two bonus positions into this Small cycle, immediately. The cycle is completed instantly, the payment of the bonus USD 500 is carried out.

Hurry up, this email has been sent to all distributors and it is not only you who is excited about the waiting bonus positions. Speed up cycle completions and get as many of the waiting bonus positions as possible!

We wish you success and as much Loyalty bonus as possible.


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