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Fireflies is going to provide travelers and distributors with useful novelties from February 20, 2017. It is worth reading this summary containing 8 sections, you will not be disappointed!
1. In 2016, among our touristic products, Best Price option was one of the most popular novelties (from now on: BPO). It is no wonder that it was strongly demanded that this popular product should become available in travel packages, too. Thus, in accordance with their types, packages are going to contain 2 (Basic), 6 (Smart) and 14 (Life) BPOs, as well. This makes BPO available also without purchasing Loyalty packages.
One of the distributors' favorite products, Loyalty package is going to contain more BPOs, also according to its type. Thus, with the help of the Loyalty packages containing 1+2 (Standard), 3+6 (Plus) and 7+14 (Pro) BPOs, distributors are going to get even more 8% BPO discount credits or they can travel 8% below the Life package price even more times.
★ Travel ★ Sales ★
2. From February 20, BPOs purchased in packages are going to have two important advantages compared to the BPOs converted from Holiday Coupons:
  • You can book accommodation for someone else at the Life package price, only with BPOs purchased in a package, except for those owning a Life package since they can book an accommodation also for someone else any time. 
  • Using BPOs purchased in a package, you can book an accommodation for yourself 8% below the Life package price also in the future, while, using BPOs converted from Holiday Coupons, the most favorable accommodation booking price is going to be 8% lower compared to the price available with your own portal right. Also here, those owning a Life package form an exception since they can book an accommodation for themselves at a price that is 8% below Life package price, any time.
You must have realized that the above mentioned shed light on the advantages of Life package: if you have a Life package, you can use all your BPOs in the most favorable way that is possible. In the case of other packages, it is only true for BPOs created through package purchase.
Another reason for Life package.
Naturally, the terms of use belonging to BPOs purchased before February 20 or converted from Holiday Coupons before February 20 do not change, their owners can continue to use them under unaltered conditions. However, the new rules will apply to purchases and conversions carried out after February 20.
★ Sales ★ 
3. In every quarter, at least 150 new and very favorable selected offer are going to be available, of which 50 will be superpromotional offers with unbelievable prices. These will practically be the well-known, classic tour operator offers: time and date, accommodation and number of travelers fixed in advance - all at a great price in a quarterly promotional time frame. Get ready and tell your clients, too! This means a total of at least 600 offers per year serving a minimum of 1200 travelers with promotional offers in 2017, as well.
★ Travel ★ Sales ★
4. The price of the packages will change only up to their additional content, the price of the BPOs. Accordingly, the number of qualification points is also increasing (including extra qualification points, as well), thus, you can qualify even easier and even sooner.
Qualification rules are getting simpler. In the future, only qualification point values that are easily trackable are going to play a role in career building. Naturally, it does not affect the qualifications already gained but your next qualification will only be possible through point-based qualification.
In case you would like to qualify on a structural basis, you can do it until 11:59 pm (CET) on February 19, 2017.
In addition, it is getting easier for you to qualify since the qualification point value of your own purchases will also be considered during qualification. From now on, every distributor can step on the next level of the career ladder sooner. Moreover, from February 20, we will also consider your own purchases made after January 1, 2017 while calculating your own qualification.
For instance, if a distributor purchases a Smart package they already reach the first career level since it makes them own more than 2000 qualification points.
★ Career ★
5. Superb news for those interested in Loyalty Cycle bonus! In the future, bonus can be earned also from bonus positions in Loyalty Cycle, the well-known USD 500+5,000! From February 20, bonus positions created through your cycle completions will become active and also entitle to payments in the future in case they complete either a Small or a Big cycle. They do not provide markings in the Small cycle but they do so in the Big cycle, and they cannot be reactivated after the Big cycle completion. Positions following the bonus position are going to follow the sponsor position of the bonus position after the Big cycle is completed.
Only the bonus positions belonging to those distributors are going to become active - that is, only those distributors are going to be entitled to receive bonuses - who have at least 7 activated positions. As soon as a distributor reaches the 7 activated positions, also their bonus positions created in the past will immediately be activated. So the bonus positions of the distributors owning at least 7 activated positions on February 20 will immediately be activated and this applies to the bonus positions created earlier, as well.
★ Income ★ 
6. The commission and bonus system is getting simpler and more comprehensible. 
Depth bonus (except for that concerning Loyalty products) is going to increase enormously. 
Car bonus is going to be terminated along with extra depth bonus which has been a temporary bonus since September 12, 2014. Matrix progress bar is going to be completed by depth bonus in the future, this opportunity is available until December 31, 2017. 1.59% from the value of these bonuses is going to be rearranged for the activation of the bonus positions already described. In the compensation plan of Basic, Smart and Life packages, direct bonus, travel contests and capital share bonus are going to remain available under the same conditions. 
It is important to note that the 8% BPO discount credit will still not count as a bonus or commission.
Summing up the above written: in addition to a better-structured bonus system, based on the previous 6 sections, simpler and faster qualification, extended Loyalty bonus opportunity and new sales possibilities are provided. And we have not talked about the two biggest novelties playing a great part in sales and income-making, yet! Let's see!
7. Similarly to section one, also this novelty is created on the basis of user demands. With this new opportunity, after completing the Loyalty Big cycle, you will immediately find yourself in the Big cycle, again!
It is simple and can even be automatic: after completing the Big cycle, choose the Big cycle reactivation package when you reactivate! As a result, you will immediately be placed into a Big cycle again according to the rule of sponsor succession, leaving the Small cycle out.
The Big cycle reactivation package contains, in addition to the immediate Big cycle placement, 3 Diamond vouchers (with a 2-year validity), 30 Holiday Coupons and 9 BPOs. The price of the package is USD 2,112, it is made up of the list prices of the products: 3 x USD 354 + 30 x USD 29 + 9 x USD 20 = USD 2,112 (the components could get into the Big cycle reactivation package at their list prices only).
The package neither creates nor extends portal usage right.
★ Income ★ 
8. With the last and, at the same time, biggest novelty, Fireflies distributors can enter new markets, new segments that have been closed for them for six years following the launch. Let's have a closer look!
At the moment, our smallest travel package costs USD 516. The segment where they do not have USD 516 (from February 20, 556) yet is quite large. Yes, that is going to be the case until February 20, but then…
After that, you will not need USD 556 or USD 516 or even 400 or 300 dollars to start with. You do not even need 200 but exactly USD 138. No typo here, USD 138! And how is that possible? 
If your guess is that, from now on, packages can be paid for even in parts, you are heading in the right direction. 
For example, a Basic package can be purchased in three stages (138+138+280 = USD 556), within as many as 3 months. The purchaser can use their Holiday Coupons and BPOs even after the stage 1 purchase but they obtain the complete Basic package right and the included Diamond voucher after the purchase belonging to stage 3. The completion of 6 further stages are needed for Smart package and 12 further stages are needed for Life package in addition to Smart, following the same logic. One stage can be completed per month but the completion of certain stages can be postponed (except for the first three stages), however, the user has 30 months altogether to pay for the last stage, too.
A great advantage of the construction is that Loyalty products can be purchased even after the stage one payment , that is USD 138, moreover, you do not even have to purchase a Basic package!
Briefly: you do not have to pay for the travel packages in one part but you cannot use the complete travel rights immediately (that is why purchasing the package with one payment will still have its advantages), however, you can still purchase a Loyalty package. Thanks to the market openings of the previous years, it turned out that we need developments of this kind, we need to create such purchase conditions in order to realize our goal and grow globally.
What are its advantages concerning our present distributor? 
  • You can enter new markets, new segments.
  • Accordingly, you can earn extra income.
  • You qualify faster and get more successful experiences.
  • Your incomes become more even.
You can read the further details soon.
★ Sales ★ Career ★ Income ★ 
The planned effective date of the above novelties is February 20, 2017, at the soonest, that is, the indicated date is a planned one that can be slightly modified. You can read more about it in an upcoming email. 
In case you have any questions, please, wait until the next email dealing with the topic arrives, you can expect to receive it within 15 days.
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