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Transition to euros as of January 9, 2019

You could learn about this a few days ago: as of January 9, 2019, Swiss Halley AG is going to transition from American dollar (USD, $) based operation to euro (EUR, €) based operation. No further action is required on your part in connection with this. We summarized the main points, please, read them.

Why euro?
Our financial partner and the issuer of the Fireflies Mastercard bank card, ePayments, due to the new European Union requirements, uses euro as its primary currency instead of American dollars. It follows that, obviously, also our company had to take steps towards a euro-based operation. Swiss Halley AG could also rely on the professional support of ePayments regarding this serious financial and business development.

This step has also been justified by the fact that the majority of Fireflies travelers and distributors live within the European Union, in addition, they travel a lot within the EU. Moreover, most of the suppliers operate within the EU, too.

The euro-based accounting is going to be simpler and more practical for the majority of Fireflies travelers and distributors. In fact, more cost-effective, too: if you experienced conversion loss during USD / EUR transactions earlier, you will now quit making banks richer, this amount is going to stay in your pocket.
So, as of January 9, you will see every price in euros and, obviously, pay in euros.
If you are a distributor, you are also going to receive payments in euros, more on this later.

It is important that the operation logic (e.g. pricing, quality or type of the services we offer) will not change. With regard to hotel reservations, car rentals and other travel services, it is primarily a technical change. Simply put: you are going to see the same price you saw in dollars converted to euros, in the future. Just like at a hotel, where you could pay in dollars until now but now you can pay in euros, the price of the room would be written in dollars ($100) as well as in euros (€88).

Packages and other products: simplification, price reduction
The euro price of travel packages and other Fireflies products had to be defined in advance. This provided an opportunity for a costumer-friendly solution we had been planning for a long time: goodbye, complicated package prices!
The price structure is going to be simplified: package prices will now be easy-to-remember round numbers. In addition, from now on, Loyalty package prices are going to be the same as travel package prices. This also means that Loyalty package prices have been reduced, this has been accompanied by a slight change in the package content. Standard is going to contain 1 less, Plus is going to contain 3 less and Pro is going to contain 7 less Best Price option.

Hence, as of January 9, the price of Basic and Loyalty Standard packages is €500 each, the price of Smart and Loyalty Plus packages is €1,500 each, that of Life and Loyalty Pro packages is €3,500 each. However, Loyalty Rapid packages are going to contain 8 additional Best Price options, at a price of €1,900.
From January 9, the entry fee is going to be €62, the web office usage fee is going to cost €59.

Web office, travel balance
All financial transactions carried out until the transition date will continue to be registered in USD in the web office. Any retransfers and refunds that might occur in connection with these are going to be carried out in USD also in the future since this was the transaction currency.
The travel balance is going to be converted to euros on January 9, 2019, at the USD/EUR middle rate of that day set by the Swiss National Bank.

Naturally, in the future, Swiss Halley AG is also going to transfer commissions and bonuses in euros. The transferred amount is going to arrive at the euro "pocket" if the payment is made to an ePayments account.
Still, the two payments of January are going to be made in American dollars since these have been generated in American dollars.
Commissions that are still not released from quarantine by January 16 form an exceptional case. These were created in USD but you are going to receive them in euros: on the day they are released from quarantine, we are going to convert them to euros using the USD/EUR middle rate of the day provided by the Swiss National Bank, then, as we normally do, we are going to transfer them to you along with your other commissions on the payment date.
The minimum payment amount concerning commissions is €22, this also includes any payment made to the travel balance.


P.s.: We inform you that, while the updates becoming effective on January 9 are going live, is not going to be available on January 9, approximately between 1 PM and 5 pm.
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