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The latest news of the weekend

You can read the most important, first-hand announcements of the weekend's seminar from Swiss Halley AG's directors.
Director of the Department of Tourism Istvan Pasku presented the 2017 summer season from a different perspective: he illustrated current and future trends through the statistics of Fireflies.
The Director presented numerous novelties primarily in connection with the business branch of tourism, you might use them already.
One part of the developments is in connection with our most popular touristic service, hotel reservations: 
  • In order to facilitate room selection, we have also improved the algorithm of room type comparisons.
  • Your job will be easier if you have to book an accommodation at the last moment: another 30,000 (no typo) hotels are added to the list of last-minute hotels.
The other part of the developments focuses on flight ticket reservation. You can encounter the following new services while making your purchase:
  • Now, you can also add your luggage to the chosen ticket, you can simply select it and add it to your purchase.
  • Check-in options and fees are displayed.
  • You will also be able to select priority boarding when purchasing your ticket. It is important for you to know that, if you choose this option, it will apply to every ticket included in the purchase.
  • From now on, 3% direct bonus is provided for the value of the ticket minus - the card fee, if there is any, and - the ticket issuance fee. Naturally, the direct bonus applies to all of the above options purchased along with the flight ticket.
Old product, new looks

Let's face it, the latter development made mainly the network builders happy. :) What is more, network director Istvan Varga announced further novelties, they are expected to be introduced at the end of November. The announcements are centered around the Best Price option (referred to as BPO), this is the most frequently used product of Fireflies. Not by chance, however, its popularity is guaranteed to grow even further.
  • BPOs purchased in packages are going to be transferable.
  • Transferred BPOs entitle their users to make reservations at prices provided for Life package owners, 8% of the value of the reservation is credited to the original BPO owner.
Let's see an example: you send (officially: conditionally transfer) the BPO to a user who might have just registered. They can make accommodation reservation at an extraordinarily attractive Life package price using the BPO received from you. They can book the accommodation conveniently from home, taking their time to browse the offer range, using their own bank card. Moreover, they can even make reservation for someone else: their daughter, son, parents, friends.
You will, in turn, receive 8% of the value of the reservation as an income. It is as simple as this.
What is more, transferred but unused BPOs will not be wasted because they can be recalled to the original web office any time.

There cannot be too much of a good thing

The director also announced that, in accordance with the increasing user demand, Basic and Standard packages are going to contain 2 additional BPOs per package. A Life package is going to contain 28 BPOs, for instance. This will make it easier for you to decide whether you want to travel at the best possible price or let someone else travel at Life package price, choosing the 8% credit instead.
Simultaneously, the price of Diamond vouchers is reduced by USD 40 but their values will remain the same. This, at the same time, also means that the above advantages will not add a dime to anyone's cost. In other words: all package prices are going to remain the same, extra BPOs are just added to the packages.
Another great news: these novelties will apply retroactively from 6 November, 2017. So, those who sell a package from 6 November, will get the additional BPOs. So as soon as the new law enters into force (expected date is at the end of November), we shall credit you 2 BPOs per Basic and Standard package.

Content of the product

Product nameBasicSmartLifeStandardPlusProRapid
BPO (pcs)412285153515
You can read more about these and further novelties in an email sent to you, soon. Until then, start planning: would you rather use your BPOs for travel or income generation purposes? Maybe both? You can do that, too!

Can it get any better?

Yes! Network director Istvan Varga closed the day with two awesome announcements.
The first one (this is more urgent): VIP Leaders Meeting in February! More on that in the email you will receive in the next few days from Fireflies. Some good advice: until then, collect your qualification points!
The second announcement: capital share bonus is to be introduced! Its first payment is going to be celebrated on stage, at the next seminar: there will be a huge check with huge numbers and maybe your name on it! More information about the details in February 2018.
If you want to see the first capital share bonus payment live, make sure you are free on September 22, next year: see you in Brno!

Fireflies wishes you plenty of success!
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