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The last extension in the pre-purchase period!

Due to user demand, the pre-purchase opportunity is extended again, for one last time. The pre-purchase extra will last until midnight on July 19, 2016 and it will be closed permanently afterwards, no further extensions are going to take place due to unsuccessful payment, bank or credit card issues or for any other reasons.
In addition, between July 8 and 19, Life package upgrade is going to be available again and you can augment your existing Loyalty package, too. Read on for more information, the details concerning the start of the bonus are also about to turn out!

Loyalty packages in addition to Basic, Smart or Life package

As it has always been the case, Loyalty packages can be purchased exclusively by our users who have a valid Basic, Smart or Life package. In case a user does not have a package yet, after buying one of the three travel packages, they can purchase Loyalty packages, too.

Not a novelty but the biggest advantage of the pre-purchase

In addition to the first Loyalty package purchased during the pre-purchase period – depending on the type of the existing and valid travel package – you receive gift positions. Thus – regardless of your Loyalty package – you can get your share from Loyalty Cycle bonus through 1, 2 or 3 more positions!

Life upgrade for 3 gift positions!

From July 8 to 19 (11:59 pm), 2016, also travel package upgrade is going to be available again. You can convert your valid Basic and Smart package into Life package for as little as the difference between the prices of the Life package and the travel package already owned. Thus, in addition to the positions received together with the Loyalty package bought during the pre-purchase, as a Life package owner, you are going to receive 3 gift positions completely free!
Have you purchased your Loyalty package, yet? Through the upgrade, you will also receive the difference of the gift positions, so you will have a total of 3 gift positions after upgrading
At the start of the Loyalty Cycle bonus, you can have 10 positions, instead of the maximum of 7 positions that can be owned otherwise. Moreover, you can enjoy the benefits offered by the 10 active positions, also later, in case you buy a Loyalty package in the pre-purchase period, as a Life package owner.

Why are 10 positions at the start better than 7, later?

The 10 positions are supporting each other in the cycles. The positions of our users who have a valid distributor right, launched before the start, can start at an even higher level (not at the lowest level of the cycle), consequently, they can reach payment level more easily than those positions that are launched after the start of the bonusThe reason behind it: the positions launched before the start are more likely to be followed by the positions of other users and distributors created from Loyalty purchases, these are going to occupy the lower levels of the cycle, while older positions can get closer to the payment level. These positions are going to follow the sponsor position that has stepped into the Big cycle, after the Small cycle payment. Together with the gift positions, you can maximize your income through 10 positions, in total!

Do you already have a Loyalty package? Upgrade it!

During the pre-purchase period extra, the “Launch position” option is going to be available under the menu Loyalty Cycle bonus –> Loyalty Cycle positions. With the help of the “Launch position” button, you can launch more Loyalty positions – a total of 7, excluding the gift positions – in the Loyalty Cycle bonus, through new Loyalty Standard package purchases, in addition to the positions received along with the Loyalty packages bought earlier. Thus, you can augment your Loyalty Standard or Plus package to even become a Loyalty Pro package, maximizing the number of positions taking part in the cycles before the start of the bonus. More positions mean extra income source for our distributors entitled to receive the bonus. In case you have the maximum amount of positions before the introduction of the Loyalty Cycle bonus, all of your positions can reach payment level more easily than those positions that are launched after the start of the bonus.

After the pre-purchase extra, Loyalty Cycle bonus starts!

After the last extension of the pre-purchase deadline, you will not be able to launch new positions before the start of the bonus. Following the shut-down of the pre-purchase period, positions are going to be placed into the cycles according to the principle of cycle arrangement. This process will take presumably 3 to 4 days, that means that the bonus is planned to start on: July 24, 2016.
Gift positions will take their places randomly, after the bonus starts. Naturally, after the first Small cycle payment, also these positions will follow their sponsor positions found in the Big cycle, according to the principle of sponsor succession.

What do you miss if you do not make your move in time?

  • After the pre-purchase period, you will never be able to get 10 positions. That is, if you purchase a Loyalty package later, you will be able to participate in the bonus with a maximum of 7 positions.
  • If you do not take the Loyalty pre-purchase opportunity as a Life package owner, you will not be able to increase the number of your positions to the maximum of 10 later.
  • Later, your Basic, Smart or Life package will not provide you with extra positions offering opportunity for additional income.
  • At the start of the bonus, you will not be able to get your share from the immediate income created through the cycle completions - based on the pre-purchases - carried out in a blink of an eye, and neither can you get to a higher level in the course of cycle arrangement since these benefits can only be enjoyed by those who have active positions at the start.
  • You can miss the cycle completions generated by the hundreds of bonus positions created at the start and the consequent cycle payments carried out on the basis of the pre-purchase turnover.
  • Your positions acquired after the introduction of the bonus cannot start from a higher level thanks to the cycle completions at the beginning, thus, they can get closer to the payment level only later.

Collect even more commission: upgrade to Life package, buy a Loyalty package or augment your existing Loyalty package until July 19, 2016! Loyalty Cycle bonus is expected to start on: July 24, 2016!

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