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The 7 most important novelties announced at the seminar

At the fantastic Fireflies seminar of Balatonfüred organized on November 19, numerous exciting novelties were announced.
In case you were not present at the seminar, then, this page is going to be twice as interesting for you. Now, you can read a practical summary containing the most important novelties that were realized and that have been available since last weekend, along with their benefits. You must read it!
If you were present at the seminar, it is still advisable for you to read this summary. This is your chance to recall the essence concerning the developments already carried out.

These are the novelties!

1. Renewed and extended search engine on the opening page

This is the most spectacular novelty. Now, a renewed, more user-friendly and clear design supports the three new services. What are these?

2. Are you interested only in apartments?

Using the new apartment search engine, you only get apartments in your result list. If you are looking for an apartment for your next vacation, remember this simpler and fast accommodation booking solution.

3. Promotional offers at one place

On the tab "Promotional offers" of the new search panel, the latest, periodic discount accommodation offers are listed, collected for you. On this well-structured surface, you can easily find the time and discount type that is the best for you.

We will also call your attention to the availability of the given hotel's promotional offer also on the hotel data sheet.

4. Travel insurance subsequently, too

The travel insurance service used by many is now available as an individual service.

The fourth novelty is an old/new service that now occupies its final place on the search panel: the ski trip search service. Use the new search engine also this year's ski season!

5. Extra functions facilitating flight ticket purchases

Are you looking for lower price, better schedule or maybe enhanced accessibility? The option "airports nearby" that you can select with only one click is going to be of great help to you. Using it, the result list is also going to include the flight data of those airports that are within 250 kms from the place of departure and destination.

6. The target market of Fireflies has 400 million more people

A new language was introduced on the website of Fireflies, it is the Spanish language. The 15th language of helps provide service to approximately 400 million people in their mother tongue. Thanks to this, in the future, you will be able to offer the benefits of Fireflies more easily than ever, in a completely new territory, in 30 new countries for hundred millions of people. Download Fireflies Official Business Presentation available in Spanish and use it to increase your business achievements.

7. Very favorable innovations with regard to the use of Best Price Option and Holiday Coupon

You must read it, it is worth it!

  • From now on, the validity period of the Best Price Option and the Holiday Coupon is 5 years (no typo!) calculated from the purchase date. This also applies retrospectively to the Best Price Options and Holiday Coupons you own that have not been used yet.
  • In the future, you can convert a Best Price Option into a Holiday Coupon, any time, and it works the other way around, too. This can be carried out an unlimited number of times.
  • You can also change the name of the first traveler in case you make your accommodation reservation with Best Price Option - irrespectively of the type of travel package (Basic, Smart, Life) you have. 
  • Not a novelty but a technical development: reservations carried out using Best Price Option are now made at the price available with Life package. The complete amount of price difference between Life package and Best Price Option is credited to your commission balance along with your commission payments. (Quarantine rules of hotel reservations apply to the price difference.)

A short recap: now, your Best Price Option can be used by another person for travel purposes. Accommodation reservation is made at the very favorable Life package price, the invoice is also issued about the price available with Life package. The price difference is not presented in either the invoice or the voucher, it is going to arrive at your commission balance and it is going to be called "Best Price Option discount credit" in the menu current, then, paid-out points.


A number of smaller developments have just been launched on the website which are at least that important. Here is a non-exhaustive list of examples:

  • The hotel search engine is appreciably faster now.
  • The offers from new hotel suppliers are displayed.
  • Development of transfer search and reservation, integration of new supplier
  • Development of flight ticket reservation...

... and this will be continued in the future since developments are not going to stop.

See the completed development for yourself, get to know them and let them help you with your work, too.

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