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News about us, from us, for you

In the article below you will find an update on recent events and what has been happening around the company.

We have redesigned our website

We have completed one of the most ambitious development projects in recent memory and will introduce it to you shortly. The reconstruction of our website has come to its final phase. We will be awaiting visitors with many new solutions, a redesigned interface, and a unique user experience. We have considered your feedback from the recent years in order to devise an even better tool for you. We were aiming to provide you with an environment that meets the latest standards, easy to use, as well as being attractive and responsive on all common platforms. There offer quite a few new and useful features to enrich your user experience, such as Travel Assistance service, Thematic offers, the Roundtrips, and Travel statistics.

Tourism news on LinkedIn

Our company has been a major player of the travel industry for almost 10 years and has been acknowledged by several international organizations. This encouraged us to launch our series of travel news on LinkedIn and on our website in order to improve our partnership with you by disseminating relevant industry information, changes, and business opportunities. We truly hope it will be even more useful in bringing you up to date.

VIP Travel Package introduced

As a response to the challenges of the pandemic we introduced the VIP Travel Package in order to make it easier for you to work from home.

Our Customer Relations and Touristic divisions have done a good job during the pandemic

Their workload has grown enormously owing to the coronavirus.
The call volume has grown significantly throughout the spring and summer months, primarily due to the cancellations and rebookings.

They received approx. 900 requests to cancel hotel bookings. These were non-refundable bookings originally. The refundable bookings could be cancelled easily in the web office. They managed to cancel 90% of the reservations (meaning appr. 800 non-refundable trips) with full refund. This took dedication, lots of work, overtime, and ongoing coordination with the partners. We aimed at full satisfaction, as always.
In comparison, between March and August 2019 we received 66 requests to cancel non-refundable reservations. Ultimately, in this year we had to deal with a cancellation volume 15 times higher than normal due to Covid-19.
~ Airlines cancelled more than 200 bookings. Our colleagues coordinated these cases successfully.

(The numbers above are approximate.)
You can read our article on the impact of the coronavirus following this link!

Our event is postponed to 15 May 2021

We have postponed to May 2021 our Vienna event, originally scheduled for September 2020, in the interest of safety and reliability. We are looking forward to meeting you all in person and feel that energy of the community and the good vibes.
We hope you will attend the event on 15 May 2021 as well.
Further information

Video message from István Pásku

The Tourism Director of Fireflies discusses the impact of the pandemic on the travel industry, along with challenges we should tackle and the reasons why are we in a fairly good position. He also explains ways for the travel industry to recover from the crisis, mitigate the risks of travel, and identify new solutions for the future.
You can watch the video by clicking here.

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