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Get the latest Flash Sales Deals!

Get your suitcase ready because the newest Flash Sales offers are here. The new destinations provide you with great offers again, you must check them out.

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From now for a short period of time, you will have the chance again to upgrade your Basic or Smart package to the even more favorable Life package. Just like in the case of the previous upgrade opportunities, you can enjoy the benefits and discounts provided to you by Life package by paying only the difference between the price of your current package and that of the Life package.

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Plenty has happened in the past 5 years: new products, expanding services, more and more guest nights and more and more satisfied Fireflies travelers. Plenty of countries, cities, beaches, restaurants, clubs, airports, sights, etc. explored by Fireflies travelers.

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We have 8 days left until the next Fireflies Seminar. Days will go by in the blink of an eye, but with the information below, we will help you arrive in Brno prepared on May 18.

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May 18, 2019 | Get set…

As always, this event is going to be full of happiness, experiences, celebration, acknowledgment, motivation, success stories and much more! 😉 Make sure to be in Brno on May 18, 2019!
To get you ready, we have some information here that can be of importance to you. Read on!

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Download the 2018 certificates

We inform you that the certificates stating the amount of your commission created in 2018 are prepared.
Would you like to know precisely how much commission you made last year in the system of Swiss Halley AG?

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ePayments bank cards available again

We have great news! ePayments, the strategic partner of Swiss Halley AG, is able to issue the new, euro-based bank cards again.

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The Thailand prize trip winners

We are happy to inform you that, after closing the latest travel contest, the list of the Thailand prize trip winners was unveiled. In February 2019, the following users and their partners can explore the "land of smiles", one of the most popular destinations of the world's tourists, Thailand of Southeast Asia.

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Reminder: Life upgrade for only 3 more days

Sensational news for phasic purchasers
In case you start the phasic purchase by 1 pm (CET) on January 9, 2019 and you complete the Basic package without missing a month, you will get 99 years of portal usage right with your Life package if you complete the purchase of the Life package within 30 months.

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The next travel contest will fly you all the way to ___________

The next 10-month challenge has started today. The prize trip winners will now be able to discover an exotic part of another continent. If you are among the travel or direct travel contest winners by 11:59 pm (CEST) on September 30, 2019, this time, you can travel to Florida, you are going to be flown to Miami, to be precise.

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17 more days and your chance is gone, for good!

For the last time in the history of Swiss Halley AG, you can still get 99 years of portal usage right by purchasing a new Life package or upgrading from your existing (Basic, Smart) package, until 1 p.m. (CET) on January 9, 2019.

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Record and final push in the travel contest

You have less than a week left to become one of the Thailand prize trip participants and surprise your partner with a vacation, paid completely by Swiss Halley AG. You can still pick up the pace since this year's contest ends at 11:59 pm on December 18, 2018.

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Two pieces of good news + one month

We do not let the end of the year pass the Fireflies distributors by without a trace! So we decided to extend the Life package upgrade opportunity and we also assure you that you will still receive 99 years of portal usage right with your Life package. But only before the new deadline passes!

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You still have 2 days to receive the +92 years of portal rights

As of December 1, 2018, the validity period of the portal usage right included in our Life package is going to be 15 years. Important!!! This change will not apply to Life packages upgraded or purchased until November 30, 2018 or to existing Life packages, and the +92 years of portal usage right is included in these Life packages.

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Life upgrade | Last chance for 99 years of portal usage

As of November 15, 2018, you will have the chance again to switch from your Basic or Smart package to the even more favorable Life package - also in the case of phasic purchases.In the upgrade period ending at 11:59 pm on November 30, 2018, you can switch to Life package under the same conditions as in the past 8 years. Moreover, in November, each distributor who purchases a Life package gets 99-year portal usage right as a part of their package. However, as of December 1, 2018, changes are going to be made concerning the validity period of Life packages.

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Download the 2017 certificates

We inform you that the certificates stating the amount of your commission created in 2017 are prepared.

Would you like to know precisely how much commission you made last year in the system of Swiss Halley AG? To see the certificates, please sign in to the website, then in the Downloads menu of your Web office please find the documents titled “Commission certificate 2017” and “Commissions credited to Travel Balance 2017”. The amounts found in the certificates provide your commission of 2017 together.

New travel contest | Two records

The travel contest for the Madeira prize trip has come to its end. Congratulations to the winners! But the new travel contest has already started. Scroll down for the most exciting details.

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The latest news of the weekend

You can read the most important, first-hand announcements of the weekend's seminar from Swiss Halley AG's directors. Director of the Department of Tourism Istvan Pasku presented the 2017 summer season from a different perspective: he illustrated current and future trends through the statistics of Fireflies. The Director presented numerous novelties primarily in connection with the business branch of tourism, you might use them already.

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The website of Fireflies also in Spanish!

We have some great news: is now available also in Spanish. With the introduction of the language of approximately 400 million native speakers, is now available to our users in 15 languages.

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12 Life packages = Guaranteed Madeira Prize trip participation

Have you also dreamed about being one of the travel contest winners and traveling to Madeira together with your partner, entirely free? Now, a promotion campaign complementing the direct travel contest has been launched and it enables you to get on the winners' list automatically.

Within a short period of time, this is already the second promotion provided to its distributors by Swiss Halley AG. Prize trip, career building, higher income and a sales promotion opportunity, at the same time.


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We launch the incredible «Get your suitcase rolling» promotion on the 3rd of July at 9 am

Such a promotion is unique in the history of Swiss Halley AG. It's perfect for both the travelers and the distributors. The suitcases will roll and the commissions will increase at the same time.
The "Get your suitcase rolling" promotion is simple and kicking.


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The first episode of Fireflies tutorials is completed

The completion of the video series available exclusively to distributors has crossed the finish line: the first episode is ready. Those who were present at the seminar in May have already seen a short part of it, now, here is the completed version:


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News, pics and video - seen and heard at the seminar.

We have prepared a short summary for you about the most interesting news and moments of the high-spirited Fireflies seminar held on Saturday, in a few pictures and a video. Yours to take.


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Fireflies Seminar – official event on Facebook!

The official event of Fireflies Seminar organized on November 19 is now available on Facebook.

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If you are interested in Loyalty bonus, you must read this

Since the introduction of the popular Loyalty cycle, it has caused trouble several times when a distributor did not place their front registered earlier to any of their positions and this front purchased a Loyalty package.

What happens in this situation?


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#motivation #perseverance #willpower #reliability #purposeful

Were you familiar with these notions? In the past weeks, you could encounter them several times on the Facebook page of Fireflies or the Facebook event page of the Fireflies seminar.


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Soon, you can use your ePayments card for free

Our special financial partner, ePayments is going to reform its ePayments Prepaid Mastercard® card fees in a very favorable way from June 1, 2017. The card maintenance fee can easily cost USD 0 - yes, that's right, zero - to you (if you have a euro card, it is EUR 0). We have summarized the details for you:


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Flash Sales offers are now available.

Flash Sales offers you can purchase for a fixed number of vouchers and / or Holiday Coupons are now available.

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New Romanian-speaking Hotline contact at Fireflies

We inform you that the Romanian-speaking Fireflies Hotline is going to be at your service in an altered form, from Monday, May 8, 2017. In the future, you will be able to ask your questions from our Romanian-speaking colleagues concerning your current reservation, 48 hours before the journey starts and during your trip, on business days, between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm according to Central European Time (CET).


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The official Fireflies presentation is updated

New looks, updated content: the renewed business presentation is now downloadable. The new edition was created taking the feedbacks from Fireflies distributors, business novelties and the latest trends into consideration. More to-the-point, more businesslike, more spectacular, more dynamic.


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20-minute personal consultation with Istvan Varga, Network Development Director of Fireflies

Would you like to take part in a 20-minute personal consultation with Istvan Varga, Network Development Director of Fireflies? We ask for 15 seconds from your time, in return :)


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This is your invitation | Fireflies Seminar | 2017

We are glad to inform you that the preparations of the next Fireflies Seminar are on the home straight. So we warmly invite you to Budapest, to Bálna Event Center on the bank of the river Danube, from 10 am on May 27. 


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Cuban summary video

Did you know that the winners of the previous travel contest had been talking about the Cuban prize trip ever since their return? Why? Thanks to their tenacious work, they could spend 8 unforgettable days on the legendary island of the Caribbean where unparalleled experiences made their journey memorable. Watch our video below to find out how the travel contest winners were doing.


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Travel ⬆️ Sales ⬆️ Career ⬆️ Income ⬆️

Fireflies is going to provide travelers and distributors with useful novelties from February 20, 2017. Read this short summary through and wherever you get interested, click on the link. There is a novelty waiting for you right after the click. Since at every section of the piece of news that can be read after clicking,  you can find out what it is going to affect positively.


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Head for the Canary Islands at the end of this summer!

Head for the Canary Islands at the end of this summer where Fireflies is is offering you and your partner a wonderful vacation!
🏨 Hotel: 5*
✈️ Flight: round-trip
👙 Swimsuit: compulsory
😎 Activities: unforgettable
💰 Bill: on Fireflies!
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RE: Loyalty cycle promotion!

In the framework of a special promotion, you (along with your line) had a chance to purchase Loyalty packages (Standard, Plus, Pro) without a valid travel package (Basic, Smart, Life) between November 11, 2016 and January 10, 2017.

Since, indeed, there had been no other promotion of this type before, the management of Fireflies decided to extend the Loyalty Cycle promotion until February 20, 2017.


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VIDEO | Fireflies Seminar in 6 minutes

Do you have 6 minutes? Watch the video summary of the seminar held in Balatonfured, on November 19, 2016.


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The 7 most important novelties announced at the seminar

At the fantastic Fireflies seminar of Balatonfüred organized on November 19, numerous exciting novelties were announced. In case you were not present at the seminar, then, this page is going to be twice as interesting for you. Now, you can read a practical summary containing the most important novelties that were realized and that have been available since last weekend, along with their benefits. You must read it!

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Loyalty cycle promotion!

We are glad to inform you that from today to January 10, 2017, you can purchase your Loyalty package (Standard, Plus, Pro) even if you do not have a valid travel package (Basic, Smart, Life). This can be really important for you and your line, too.

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Sunshine, smile, carefreeness and good company

Watch in two minutes how the winners of Fireflies travel contest enjoyed their journey!

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Two reasons why you can get now USD 500 Loyalty Cycle bonus sooner

Good news for those interested in Loyalty Cycle bonus: at the moment, more than 300 bonus positions are waiting for their placement. This means a one-time chance for the distributors who would like to earn USD 500 Loyalty Cycle bonus as soon and as easily as possible.

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What do successful Fireflies distributors have in common?

Successful Fireflies distributors have plenty in common. One of these is very timely. Can you guess which one it can be?

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One-time opportunity for placing the lost starred markings

In the best interest of the distributors, the management of Fireflies has decided that they would provide another opportunity, lasting for 48 hours, for the placement of lost starred markings.

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Customer Relations special opening hours

We inform you that due to the developmental work concerning the customer relations system, on Friday, September 23, 2016, our colleagues will answer our users’ queries (phone, e-mail, Skype, Live Chat) until 3 pm (CEST) in every language.

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Newer accommodation offers for the seminar

With regard to the great demand, we have expanded the range of exclusive accommodation offers that can be booked for the weekend of the November 19, 2016 seminar. In addition to the rooms that are still available at Club Hotel Füred and Hotel Margaréta, the following two four-star hotels are also waiting for the participants of the Fireflies seminar with special offers.

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This is how you can purchase Loyalty packages

Without Loyalty package, you cannot receive the newest bonus of Fireflies, Loyalty Cycle bonus which, right at the start of the bonus, made our distributors collect commissions from 1033 Small cycle completions and 94 Big cycle completions, not to mention other bonuses generated by travel and Loyalty package purchases.

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This is how bonus positions can get into your cycle

We inform you that the 1033 bonus positions, created in the system of Fireflies, through the Small cycle completions carried out following the start of Loyalty Cycle bonus, are going to be released from quarantine on the 20th day after the start of the cycles. If you would like these bonus positions to get into your cycle, please, make sure to consider the information below.

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Loyalty Cycle bonus has started | its first hours in numbers

We are glad to inform you that the long-awaited Loyalty Cycle bonus has been launched. How are the distributors’ positions performing? Through our latest report about the bonus, we are ready to show you the fantastic results our distributors have reached in the Loyalty Cycle bonus, in only a few hours.

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You can lose bonus if you do not extend your distributor right

In case you would like to receive as much Loyalty Cycle bonus as possible, we recommend you to renew your rights at the earliest opportunity!

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New starting date for Loyalty Cycle bonus!

We inform you that as the introduction of Loyalty Cycle bonus is approaching, our colleagues are currently working to enable you to enjoy the benefits of the bonus as soon as possible. The placement of the positions are being carried out, at this very moment, as well.

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Important: front placement and auto-reactivation until July 19!

Please note that for the maximization of Loyalty Cycle bonus that you, as our distributor, can earn through your positions acquired in the pre-purchase period, it is advisable to place your fronts before the start of the bonus!

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Important: make sure to auto-reactivate

We inform you that under the menu Loyalty Cycle bonus → Loyalty Cycle position, the auto-reactivation option is now available. By using the function, you can ensure continuous active status for your positions and make sure they are in a favorable situation concerning sponsor succession and cycle arrangement, alike.

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The last extension in the pre-purchase period!

Due to user demand, the pre-purchase opportunity is extended again, for one last time. The pre-purchase extra will last until midnight on July 19, 2016 and it will be closed permanently afterwards, no further extensions are going to take place due to unsuccessful payment, bank or credit card issues or for any other reasons.

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Comparison of Fireflies packages

The new bonus generated an interest that had not been seen before for long so we can firmly state that it has become one of the distributors’ favorite, and it is also expressed through the package purchases.
We have created a well-structured comparison about the Loyalty packages and the Loyalty bonus system for you.

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Place your fronts before Loyalty Cycle bonus starts!

Have you received Loyalty positions in the pre-purchase period of Loyalty Cycle bonus? Please, note that for increasing the commission that you, as our distributor, can earn with Loyalty Cycle bonus, you need to place your fronts! The front placement is exclusively for your own good, carrying it out is practical and highly recommended in your own interest!

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Loyalty positions in the pre-purchase period

Did you know that you can get free positions in the pre-purchase period of Loyalty Cycle bonus starting on June 13, 2016? Our summary will provide you with the answers to the most important questions concerning the kick-off gifts.

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Gift positions and front placement – what you need to know

Do you have any questions concerning those Loyalty Cycle bonus positions that you can acquire for free? In our letter below, you can learn all the necessary information about the gift positions provided for the Loyalty packages purchased in the pre-purchase period. 

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Find out more about our products: Loyalty Standard, Plus and Pro!

Now you can learn more about the brand new success products of Fireflies. Find out everything concerning the packages Loyalty Standard, Plus and Pro, through them, fantastic travel offers and unparalleled commissions are awaiting you.

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New bonus: Loyalty Cycle Bonus

Fireflies is going to introduce a new bonus soon that is guaranteed to be popular and makes package purchase and re-purchase numbers rocket, and you can profit from it, too. How much exactly?

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Updated General Terms and Conditions for Distributors

We inform you that the General Terms and Conditions for Distributors – Fireflies Operation and Compensation Plan was updated on June 13, 2016. We have summarized the most important modifications in the regulation, also this time.

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Fireflies Seminar – official event on Facebook!

On November 19, 2016, the fall seminar of Fireflies is going to be organized in Balatonfüred, Hungary. Naturally, the company directors and pioneering network leaders, providing participants with useful knowledge, will be present at the event also this time. Furthermore, the most successful distributors’ achievements are going to be recognized again in front of thousands of people.

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Venue and date of the fall Fireflies Seminar

The next Fireflies Seminar was announced at the birthday event held on April 23: On November 19, 2016,the directors and distributors ofSwiss Halley AG (Fireflies) will meet again, in Balatonfüred.

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My newsletters menu: everything at one place

Would you like to be informed about the most important news of Fireflies among the first? With our newsletters, the most useful novelties concerning the users and distributors of are landing right in your email inbox. Choose, subscribe to and navigate among the messages easily!

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Best Price Guarantee also at Fireflies

Fireflies guarantees that our users with travel packages can book accommodations at favorable prices on the website In case you find the offer you booked with us through bank card payment on another website, at a price that is lower than the most favorable price available on, at your request, we pay 155% of the difference between the two prices (a maximum of USD 500) to you.

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Learn about the ETOA-Fireflies cooperation

We are glad to inform you that our brochure presenting the cooperation between ETOA (European Tour Operators Association) and Swiss Halley AG (Fireflies) is completed.

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Travel to Cuba with Fireflies!

We are glad to inform you that the offers of Cuban accommodations are available again on the website Due to Cuba’s economic and political situation, in the past period, our touristic suppliers did not offer Cuban hotel rooms. However, as the situation is settled, the accommodations in the Caribbean country – offering invigorating cultural experiences – have become available again to the users of Fireflies.

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Updated General Business Terms and Conditions - The most important updates of the regulation

We inform you that our General Business Terms and Conditions was updated on April 23, 2016. We have summarized the most important modifications in the regulation, also this time.

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Firefly is now published! The success tool of 2016 for distributors

Drum roll and trumpets, please: the publication for Fireflies network builders, the first issue of Firefly Magazine is launched. Now, you can download the free magazine containing up-to-date information by only one click. Feel free to use and distribute the current issue of Firefly in digital or properly printed form to…

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Birthday novelties at Fireflies

At the Saturday seminar, we celebrated the fifth birthday of Swiss Halley AG (Fireflies) in the proper mood and with great announcements. The photos shared on our Facebook page can tell you more about the atmosphere, and the most important announcement are detailed for you, below.

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The Fireflies Business Presentations are available now!

From today the Fireflies Business Presentations are available on the page. The presentation makes the distributors’ work and making company presentations much easier so we highly recommend to download and save it! The English version could be downloaded directly from here.

The website of Fireflies also in Turkish

We have great news: is now available also in Turkish. With the introduction of the language that has approximately 63 million native speakers, our website provides its service for our users in 11 languages now. As a result of the developments in progress, the number of languages available on the page is going to expand even further in the next period.

Keep an eye on our news, we will inform you about new opportunities soon.

End-of-the-year novelties at Fireflies

Our latest developments have come into effect thanks to which it is worth choosing the services of even more than before. We provide our travelers with unprecedented discounts for their reservations, and from now on, the conditions will be perfect for our distributors to earn as much as 50% more with their work within the same time! Would you like to know the details? Click here to find out more about our novelties, here you can find everything in one place!

Our latest developments are unveiled

Are you curious about what developments we have completed recently? From our material, you can find out how you can book your transfer or organize a ski vacation easily and we also show you the history of your Travel Balance, among others. Travel smartly with the help of novelties! You can read about our developments on this link.

Ski vacation with a few clicks

We have collected the accommodations of the most popular ski areas of the world in order to make ski vacation planning easier with the help of our ski trip search engine. By clicking on the icon of the ski trip search engine seen on the main page of Fireflies, after providing the name of a town within the chosen ski area or nearby, our users are ready to pick from the best accommodation offers.

Transfer reservation made easier

The transfer reservation system has been modified on While searching for transfer services, when defining the time, from now on you will need to add the arrival time of the flight, train or ship in case you travel to the accommodation, and the departure time of the flight, train or ship, in case you travel from the accommodation. After the confirmation of your reservation, our transfer provider partner will calculate the optimal departure and arrival time of the transfer vehicle and will send a notification to its passengers about it. Thanks to this, our users will no longer have to care about planning.

The new website of Swiss Halley AG: has been launched!

We are implementing major developments (it is enough to mention the plane-ticket booking system with 900 airlines),  and due to this, small interruptions could occur at the beginning. So far we included 400 requests and suggestions of our users, and naturally we are waiting for further ones as well!

If you would like to share your ideas and suggestions please send them to, an address specifically created for this! The most important for us is to satisfy all your needs and meet all your expectations, therefore, we would like to give you the opportunity to contribute to the perfection of the Fireflies travelers’ experience.

October 18: Bratislava!

We are so lucky that we can choose to attend various Fireflies events this fall! Besides the Moscow event, we can meet the Central European distributors in Bratislava at a sensational seminar! Professional guest speakers will guarantee training and development in skills and we provide the uplifting, great mood we are known for! Tickets are available at the Five Star Seminar now at a discount, for 75 USD. Further information will be available soon with regard to the event, so please check back on regularly!

Let’s go to Moscow in October!

The Five Star Seminar is not over yet, but we are already working on the next steps! On October 25 the first Fireflies event of Eastern-Europe will be held in Moscow, where we welcome all distributors of the region. Besides outstanding representatives of the business, the management of Fireflies will also be present at the event, so you can get useful information for building you career under the new brand, first hand. You can buy the tickets already for a discounted price of 75 USD at the Five Star Seminar. We will provide further information soon.Until then, mark the date of the Fireflies conference in your calendar! See you soon!

The website of Fireflies has been launched!

We gladly announce that the new site of Swiss Halley AG, is ready today and is now available for all of our clients! Besides our own ideas, we included hundreds of suggestions and requests from our clients as well. We are positive that the user-friendly surface and the faster, smoother operating atmosphere will impress you as well. Welcome heartily the new global brand and flagship of Swiss Halley AG, the webpage!

You can log in to your weboffice with the username and password which you used at

We wish you pleasant recreation and have a good trip!

New features on the website

On the new webpage a lot of long-awaited functions will appear. Finally plane-ticket booking is available, thus from now on you can book your whole vacation all at the same time, from the trip to the accommodation! Besides, thanks to our suppliers, our accommodation offer is wider in range as well. Our customer service isnow available in Romanian as well. They are ready to receive your questions on Skype, too. To explore every the new features, we suggest you take a look around on the webpage and in your weboffice.

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