Good news for our travelers and distributors

Good news for our travelers and distributors

We bet you find our news intriguing

Traveling with Fireflies is now cheaper than ever. Our distributors will get sufficient support to reach the next career level. Here are the best end-of-the-year novelties and news for 2014, which will help you get closer to your dreams.

Transaction costs down to one third

From now on when you use your bank card on, it costs you less. How have we achieved this? It’s simple: transaction costs have been reduced from 5% to 1.4%. This means that for a booking of USD 1000, the transaction cost is only USD 14, instead of the former USD 50 – in this case you save USD 36.

Price of vouchers decreased

The price of vouchers decreased even further – now even the first voucher costs only USD 359 (USD 354 + 1.4% transaction cost). This way you can have access to the voucher offers of the booking portal at a lower price. How could it be even better? If you buy a travel package, a voucher costs only USD 284 (USD 280 + 1.4% transaction cost).

Hotel room reservation with portal usage right

You are free to choose from our room offers if you have portal usage. This is available for a fee of USD 295 (USD 290 + 1.4% transaction cost), which allows you to make reservations on for a year, and you will also have access to our non-stop hotline service while traveling.

Please note: each and every registered user can use our search engine, get information about our prices, but from now on, you will need valid portal usage right or a voucher to make a booking. You will still need to purchase a package for transfer and flight ticket booking.

Would you like more than just accommodation? Check out the benefits of buying a travel package, which will also provide you with many discounts. Portal usage is included in the price of the travel packages.

Buy a travel package and get incomparable discounts!

Customers who have a travel package have many advantages. Not only do you get a discount for portal usage and the vouchers included in the package, you can also book flight tickets, ski tours and transfer on our site and you will be able to use our future services, as well. You can save time and energy when arranging your trip. And there is more. As compared to users who only have portal usage, if you have the Basic package, you will get a 4.1% discount for accommodation, this discount is 8.3% for the Smart package and 12.4% for the Life package.

You can buy your package in the “Purchase Fireflies products” menu as usual, but now you can also check all the details of the packages. Another change is that the items in the package, and their price are indicated separately on your invoice, as well.

Customers who purchased their Smart or Life packages earlier, are eligible for the same discount we offer our new customers. So if you have a Smart package, you get an 8.3% discount, and if you have a Life package, you get a 12.4% discount when you book your accommodation.

Prices with Smart and Life packages are lower than ever!

This is unprecedented! Smart and Life packages provide a discount for booking, which, together with the reduced transaction fee, has resulted in the lowest ever prices for booking hotel rooms on

What else is new in the SMART package?

From now, if you buy a Smart package, you can enjoy the benefits of Fireflies for an extra year

Now that the renewed range of packages has been introduced, if you buy a new Smart package now, you get portal usage not for 4 but for 5 years, so you will have access to the services of the portal for an additional year.

How much will this cost you? The original price of 3 vouchers is USD 1077 (3x USD 359), and the basic price of 5 years of portal usage is USD 1475 (5x USD 295). Now instead of USD 2552 you can get this for USD 1570 (USD 1548 + 1.4% transaction fee) in the Smart package. You save more than USD 980. How could you spend the amount saved this way?

You can build your career faster with the new SMART package

Now the Smart package comes with additional benefits for our distributors, as they will get 516 extra qualification points in addition to the qualification points you get for the purchase. You have just started your career but you want to get qualified as soon as possible? Start with a Smart package and become a 3-front leader in no time. If you buy our package, you only need to join two users with 300 qualification points each instead of 3 – you can replace the third with your Smart package.

What else is new in the LIFE package

Share your discounts!

Has it ever happened to you that your family or friends wanted to travel with Fireflies, but you couldn’t book accommodation for them because you couldn't travel with them? This has changed. Customers with a Life package can still make bookings for 10 persons, but now the owner of the package does not have to travel. So if you buy a Life package, now you can give the details of the first passenger as you wish when booking ski trips, hotel rooms, flight tickets or transfer. How could you use this opportunity? With the Life package now you can enjoy these unprecedented benefits for 99 years.

Why is it worth choosing the Life package? Just look at the numbers. You get the vouchers in the package for USD 1988 (7 x USD 284) instead of USD 2513 (7 x USD 359).You save USD 525 on vouchers and you pay USD 277 less per year for portal usage. To enjoy the benefits for life (99 years) you only need to buy 7 years of portal usage at a reduced price. The Life package is available for only USD 3,663.

Even more extra qualification points for buying a Life package

If you buy a Life package, you will receive 1548 extra qualification points instead of 1383. In addition, distributors who opt for the Life package will not only reach the 3-front level more easily, those who wish to reach EC and DEC levels, can replace a whole 3-front line with their Life package.

Fireflies distributors earn even more!

It’s not only our travel services that have become more attractive. Here are the most important changes regarding the career and income of Fireflies distributors.

A windfall of commissions

The commission base has increased. Our distributors now get 51% instead of 46%. As the base of compensation increases, naturally your income increases as well. Expand your group and give your business some extra swing – now conditions are given.

How can you make 50% more from your matrices during the same period at Fireflies?

Due to the modification of the package prices and the increased, 51% commission base of packages, small and large matrices are filled much more rapidly: positions are filled 50.53% faster on average. So you make 50% more in the same period.

To make this possible, we have increased the depth components of the matrix income as well. For new, directly sold packages this means a 2% increase in depth commission in the matrix for entry-level distributors and a 3% increase for 3-front level distributors. On EC level or higher, this means a 4% increase when a new package is sold. For the completion of the positions you still need 160 commission points.

You can reach your career objective sooner with the Smart and the Life packages

The criteria for qualification points are the same, so extra qualification points have even more value now. You can reach the career level of your choice faster than ever, now that extra qualification points are available for the owners of new Smart packages and that the amount of extra qualification points has increased for the new Life packages.

Make the most of the new possibilities, develop your business and increase your income as early as this December. Qualify for the highest possible level, as the capital bonus (1%), which will soon be introduced, will generate extra revenue for active and high level leaders. You will get more detailed information before the introduction of this bonus..

The Travel contest kicks off

Collect the travel points you get according the services you use together with the Fireflies community. For every 1.5 million travel points, we will give away a journey for two persons. I.e. we give 1 travel (for 2 persons) when 1.5 million points are collected, 2 travels (for 4 persons) when 3 million points are collected and 3 travels (for 6 persons) when a total of 4.5 million points are collected, and so on. The prize for the Fireflies Travel contest is a dream holiday, with full board, flight tickets and transfer included, which the winners can enjoy together.

Which users will get these journeys? When the contest is over, those who rank the highest, with the highest number of points collected can take part in this dream holiday. The number of winners thus depend on how many times 1.5 million points are collected by the users in the contest.

The prize of our first Travel contest is a wonderful trip to Morocco in the summer of 2015, with full board, flight tickets and transfer included. Would you like to experience the wonderful world of Morocco?

Join the point contest!

After logging in, you can find all the necessary information about the current rankings in the Travel contest menu. You can check how many points our distributors have and where they are ranked. You can find the list of the most successful distributors on the Top 200 list, and you will also see how many of them are eligible to travel based on the current number of points. Points, rankings and the number of those who can travel are changing continuously until the end of the contest – the list is updated every day. Follow the contest and be one of the winners.

The details of the above modifications and their explanations are available in the relevant parts of the General Business Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions for Distributors together with other amendments. Here you can also read about the change that when a distributor account is deleted, after only a month of inactivity the distributor can continue business on another sponsor line as a beginner, without his/her old structure. You can find more information about the conditions of reconnection in clause 4. (15) of GTCD.

Travel for less, build your business and live more with Fireflies!

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