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“Fireflies made it possible for me to look for new horizons. Since I got to know this webpage, I have been travelling almost constantly and I've visited two contintents so far. In autumn I will make my childhood dream come true by visiting Asia. It's obvious that I will be travelling with Fireflies.”
Jürgen Martins
“In the past I could only afford short, mostly inland getaways. But with Fireflies I have a chance to discover a new possibility through which I can travel with my friends while earning money. I recommend this to everybody.”
Ekaterina Benderova
“The journey itself is my home.”
– Matsuo Bashō -
Commission content of Portal usage right raised to 51%

We have increased the 20% maximum commission content of the Portal usage right to 51%. This means that from the future Portal usage right purchases, carried out in your group, as a distributor you are going to earn 2.5 times as much as you did in the past, concerning each commission type you are entitled to.

In addition, the number of qualification points earned for the Portal usage right purchase has also grown since the qualification point multiplier of the Portal usage right has been raised from 20/51 to 51/51. Meanwhile, the price of the product has remained the same. Hence, those who buy Portal usage right, will get access to the accommodation offers of only for USD 294 – including transaction fee – for an entire year, in the future, too.

Fireflies – also available in French.

We are glad to inform the visitors of that our website is now available in French, as well. As a result of our latest development, from now on, the webpage of Fireflies is ready to be at our users’ service in 10 different languages. Browse our portal, travel and build your career in a new territory – even in French! Follow our news, we are coming back with further novelties soon.

Bon voyage!

End-of-the-year novelties at Fireflies

Our latest developments have come into effect thanks to which it is worth choosing the services of even more than before. We provide our travelers with unprecedented discounts for their reservations, and from now on, the conditions will be perfect for our distributors to earn as much as 50% more with their work within the same time! Would you like to know the details? Click here to find out more about our novelties, here you can find everything in one place!

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