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“Fireflies made it possible for me to look for new horizons. As long as I've known this webpage, I have been travelling almost constantly and I've visited two contintents so far. In autumn I will make my childhood dream come true by visiting Asia. It's obvious that I will be travelling with Fireflies.”
Jürgen Martins
“In the past I could only afford short, mostly inland getaways. But with Fireflies I have a chance to discover a new possibility through which I can travel with my friends while earning money. I recommend this to everybody.”
Ekaterina Benderova
“The journey itself is my home.”
– Matsuo Bashō -
The new website of Swiss Halley AG: has been launched!

We made huge developments (it is enough to mention the plane-ticket booking system with 900 airlines), and because ot this small interruptions could occur in the beginning. So far we included 400 requests and suggestions of our users, and naturally we are waiting for further ones as well!

If you would like to share your ideas and suggestions please send them to, and address specially dedicated for this! The most important for us is to satisfy all your needs and expectations, hencefore we would like to give you the opportunity to contribute to perfection of the Fireflies travelers’ experience.

October 18: Bratislava!

We are so lucky that we can choose as we wish from more Fireflies events this fall, besides the Moscow event, we can meet the Central European distributors in Bratislava at a sensational seminar! Professional guest presenters will guarantee learning and development and we provide the well-known great mood! Tickets are available at the Five Star Seminar now at a discount, for 75 USD. Further information is coming soon in connection with the event, please get back to often!

Let’s go to Moscow in October!

The Five Star Seminar is not over yet, but we are already working on the next steps! On October 25 the first Fireflies event of Eastern-Europe will be held in Moscow, where we welcome all distributors of the region. On the event besides outstanding representatives of the business also the management of Fireflies will be present, so you can get useful information at first hand for building you career under the new brand. You can buy the tickets already for a discounted price of 75 USD at the Five Star Seminar. We will be coming soon with further information. Until that write the date of the Fireflies conference in your calendar! See you soon!

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The seat of Fireflies is situated in Pfäffikon, Switzerland, the company cooperates with international supporters from every part of the world: Amsterdam - Antalya - Athens - Auckland - Bangkok - Barcelona - Beijing - Berlin - Bogotá - Bolzano - Bordeaux - Boston - Brussels - Bucharest - Budapest - Buenos Aires - Cairo - Calgary - Cambridge - Cape Town - Casablanca - Chengdu - Chicago - Colombo - Copenhagen - Denver - Dubai - Dublin - Dusseldorf - Edinburgh - Faro - Fukuoka - Grand Rapids - Guangzhou - Haikou - Helsinki - Heraklion - Ho Chi Minh City - Hong Kong - Honolulu - Houston - Innsbruck - Istanbul - Jakarta - Jeddah - Kiev - Krakow - Kuala Lumpur - Kuta (Bali) - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Las Vegas - Lille - Lima - Lisbon - London - Los Angeles - Lyon - Madrid - Málaga - Manchester - Manila - Mexico City - Miami - Milan - Montréal - Moscow - Mumbai - Munich - Natal - New Delhi - New York - Nice - Norwalk - Orlando - Osaka - Oslo - Paris - Phuket - Prague - Rennes - Riga - Rio de Janeiro - Rome - Saint Petersburg - San Francisco - Santiago - Santo Domingo - Sao Paulo - Sapporo - Seattle - Seoul - Shanghai - Siem Reap - Singapore - Sochi - Sofia - Stockholm - Sydney - Taipei - Tallinn - Tel Aviv - Thessaloníki - Tokyo - Toronto - Vancouver - Venice - Vienna - Warsaw - Zagreb - Zürich

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